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As a mom I often find myself not wanting to ask for gifts, but I secretly want one. I’ll admit, it is probably a flaw because I know the people that are wanting to give me a gift truly love me and want to show their love for me through their giving. So over the years I have gradually taken steps toward accepting gifts. One of those steps is that I like to group holidays. Like a Birthday/Christmas present or a Valentine’s/Mother’s Day present. With grouping holidays, you are able to get a quality present but you feel less Mom guilt.

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What’s Mom guilt? By my personal experience definition, it is the guilt you feel when you have time to yourself, or you buy something nice for yourself or you enjoy a large dessert without having to share. It’s the idea that by doing something for ourselves or receiving something that we are being selfish. We’re totally not in any way but that’s Mom guilt.

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So for this Valentine’s/Mother’s Day this North Texas Photographer has decided to share with all of you. I am offering early bookings for my Limited Edition Mother’s Day Sessions that will be held this spring. I only have 13 spots though and they will go so so fast. This is a great Valentine’s/Mother’s Day present. The shoot will be between the two holidays and you will get your products the weekend of Mother’s Day!

To get pricing info and learn how to book send an email to I’ll respond with details and a client welcome guide that lays out pricing and so much more info. Shoot me an email, set your mom guilt aside, and see if you want to claim your spot.

But seriously….email me now!!! Those spots will go QUICK!

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Limited Edition Sessions for Mom | North Texas Photographer

Life is….unpredictable. It’s busy, hard, exciting, fun, and sad. When you have kids it is all of those things plus some!

Due to recent circumstances I have been reminded that we never know how much time we have with our family. Harsh, but real! In the blink of an eye things change, and I really don’t think we can ever be prepared. But, one thing I know we can do is make sure we have quality images to look back on that hold loving memories.

Family Photographer

Photography is so much more than just a digital file of everyone dressed well with their best smile. It is a moment in time that reflects the dynamic between the individuals in the work of art. It is a timeless product that makes you feel something when you walk by it in your home. An it is an heirloom that can evoke feelings and memories no matter what happens in this crazy life.

Want beautiful images of the love between you and your children with this North Texas Photographer? Book NOW! There are only a few spots for these Mother’s Day Limited Edition Sessions. Don’t miss this opportunity.

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Senior Model Call | Full Service Senior Photographer

So if you haven’t noticed, my senior portfolio is….well…lacking. I unfortunately have only had three beautiful seniors in front of my lens. But Seniors are one of my favorite groups to shoot. Eager, dreamers with the world in front of them!

Wise County Texas Senior Photographer

So I’m ready to do a Senior model call.

Here is how this will work. I am looking for 10 seniors. The model call spots will be first come first serve. To reserve a spot you must email me at and I will reply with a questionnaire and a time to set up our consultation.

You will fill out the questionnaire online then we will meet for the consultation. A retainer fee for your session of $100 will be due at the consultation to hold your session spot.

We will have the session and set up a reveal night. At the reveal night you will receive a $20 print credit as well as 20% off any collection you purchase. The retainer fee may either be remitted to you or put toward your product purchases.

Then I’ll get the prints ordered, packaged and delivered! Its as easy and as fun as that! Ready?

Email Janie at

Whats New with JMP | Photographer in Wise County, Texas

I mentioned JMP was about to go through some changes! Now, this Wise County, Texas Photographer is ready to share those changes with you!

My previous business model left me in minimal contact with each family. We would make sure we knew the details for time, date and location of the shoot. Then we saw each other for about an hour at the shoot. Then I let the family know when their images were available in an online gallery. That was it. In the Photography world we call it Shoot & Burn. Boy was I feeling the burn….burn out! My love for the art was the only thing that was making it worth being away from my family. So I knew something had to change.

That is how the new JMP experience was birthed. I wanted to connect with people. I wanted to see what they wanted. What their families personalities were before the shoot and continue to get to know them after the shoot. I wanted to build a relationship so I could provide them a service and art work that they would be proud of. That they were thankful for.

New Logo!

High-End Photographer in Decatur Texas

So now, here is a glimpse of how I’ll be running my business!

From the time you contact me I will be all about you. Our initial contact will be used to set up a time to meet in person so I can give you the printed client guide and inspiration guide and we will chat about all our options. This is where we will decide all the details for the shoot while I get to know you a little better and get to hear directly from you, the dynamic of individuals that I’ll be capturing!

Client Guide Cover

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Next we’ll have the shoot, and there is a good possibility I’ll have something special for the younger kids! At the shoot we will schedule our reveal night! This is the most fun part of the process.

For the reveal night I’ll come to you. We can meet at your house, at a time that is best for everyone. It’s a relaxed meeting so no need to get all dressed up. I’ll show you the slideshow I’ve got put together then we can figure out which images you want.

From there I’ll order your prints and put them together in custom packaging. Then deliver them directly to you! Here is a sneak peak at one of the products I am offering. It is a bamboo standout print. You can sit it on something or hang it on the wall. Gorgeous and super cost effective since you are not having to pay for a frame!

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And that friends is the new JMP experience. Want to experience it yourself?

Click here to contact Janie and set up your session today!

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Why Professional Family Photography is Important | Wise County Family Photographer

Taking pictures is not limited to a professional photographer. There is also no way that you can always have a professional photographer around to document all the amazing moments that you are wanting to freeze in time. So yes! I want you to take a ton of pictures yourself! Those camera’s on your smart phone are pretty awesome! So use them!

But…There are also many advantages to hiring a professional photographer.

I did a little experiment. I had someone try to capture images with a smart phone while I was doing a shoot. The person I had behind the phone camera has a decent eye for an amateur photographer. After I was finished with my pictures and they had finished theirs, we compared notes.

Our first take away was my skill level and learned technique allowed me to capture moments that they may have missed.

Child in outdoor bathtub in Paradise, Texas

Also my images quality was quiet a bit higher. So if we wanted to blow up the phone picture on a large canvas it would be rather noisy, while my image would be very clear.

Child in rustic bathtub

Another take away was the person behind the phone felt like they missed out on the fun. They wanted to be in the moment rather than looking at it through a screen and analyzing lighting and framing.

child in bath after smash cake photography

So while those phone cameras may be pretty amazing or even if you have purchased a camera of your own. There is just a little something extra that a family photographer can offer you! Happy Shooting!   

Want to see how JMP can capture your next session?

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