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As a mom I often find myself not wanting to ask for gifts, but I secretly want one. I’ll admit, it is probably a flaw because I know the people that are wanting to give me a gift truly love me and want to show their love for me through their giving. So over the years I have gradually taken steps toward accepting gifts. One of those steps is that I like to group holidays. Like a Birthday/Christmas present or a Valentine’s/Mother’s Day present. With grouping holidays, you are able to get a quality present but you feel less Mom guilt.

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What’s Mom guilt? By my personal experience definition, it is the guilt you feel when you have time to yourself, or you buy something nice for yourself or you enjoy a large dessert without having to share. It’s the idea that by doing something for ourselves or receiving something that we are being selfish. We’re totally not in any way but that’s Mom guilt.

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So for this Valentine’s/Mother’s Day this North Texas Photographer has decided to share with all of you. I am offering early bookings for my Limited Edition Mother’s Day Sessions that will be held this spring. I only have 13 spots though and they will go so so fast. This is a great Valentine’s/Mother’s Day present. The shoot will be between the two holidays and you will get your products the weekend of Mother’s Day!

To get pricing info and learn how to book send an email to I’ll respond with details and a client welcome guide that lays out pricing and so much more info. Shoot me an email, set your mom guilt aside, and see if you want to claim your spot.

But seriously….email me now!!! Those spots will go QUICK!

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