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I mentioned JMP was about to go through some changes! Now, this Wise County, Texas Photographer is ready to share those changes with you!

My previous business model left me in minimal contact with each family. We would make sure we knew the details for time, date and location of the shoot. Then we saw each other for about an hour at the shoot. Then I let the family know when their images were available in an online gallery. That was it. In the Photography world we call it Shoot & Burn. Boy was I feeling the burn….burn out! My love for the art was the only thing that was making it worth being away from my family. So I knew something had to change.

That is how the new JMP experience was birthed. I wanted to connect with people. I wanted to see what they wanted. What their families personalities were before the shoot and continue to get to know them after the shoot. I wanted to build a relationship so I could provide them a service and art work that they would be proud of. That they were thankful for.

New Logo!

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So now, here is a glimpse of how I’ll be running my business!

From the time you contact me I will be all about you. Our initial contact will be used to set up a time to meet in person so I can give you the printed client guide and inspiration guide and we will chat about all our options. This is where we will decide all the details for the shoot while I get to know you a little better and get to hear directly from you, the dynamic of individuals that I’ll be capturing!

Client Guide Cover

Photographer in Wise County, Texas

Next we’ll have the shoot, and there is a good possibility I’ll have something special for the younger kids! At the shoot we will schedule our reveal night! This is the most fun part of the process.

For the reveal night I’ll come to you. We can meet at your house, at a time that is best for everyone. It’s a relaxed meeting so no need to get all dressed up. I’ll show you the slideshow I’ve got put together then we can figure out which images you want.

From there I’ll order your prints and put them together in custom packaging. Then deliver them directly to you! Here is a sneak peak at one of the products I am offering. It is a bamboo standout print. You can sit it on something or hang it on the wall. Gorgeous and super cost effective since you are not having to pay for a frame!

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And that friends is the new JMP experience. Want to experience it yourself?

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