Why Professional Family Photography is Important | Wise County Family Photographer

Taking pictures is not limited to a professional photographer. There is also no way that you can always have a professional photographer around to document all the amazing moments that you are wanting to freeze in time. So yes! I want you to take a ton of pictures yourself! Those camera’s on your smart phone are pretty awesome! So use them!

But…There are also many advantages to hiring a professional photographer.

I did a little experiment. I had someone try to capture images with a smart phone while I was doing a shoot. The person I had behind the phone camera has a decent eye for an amateur photographer. After I was finished with my pictures and they had finished theirs, we compared notes.

Our first take away was my skill level and learned technique allowed me to capture moments that they may have missed.

Child in outdoor bathtub in Paradise, Texas

Also my images quality was quiet a bit higher. So if we wanted to blow up the phone picture on a large canvas it would be rather noisy, while my image would be very clear.

Child in rustic bathtub

Another take away was the person behind the phone felt like they missed out on the fun. They wanted to be in the moment rather than looking at it through a screen and analyzing lighting and framing.

child in bath after smash cake photography

So while those phone cameras may be pretty amazing or even if you have purchased a camera of your own. There is just a little something extra that a family photographer can offer you! Happy Shooting!   

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